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PCCproto 200
Multifunction 16-bit PC Card Prototype Board

In conjunction with National Semiconductor, Sycard Technology offers the PCCproto 200 16-bit PC Card multifunction prototype board. The PCCproto 200 provides a flexible prototype environment for developing 16-bit single or multiple function PC Cards. Based on the National Semiconductor PCM16C02 multiple function PC Card interface chip, the PCCproto 200 includes data sheets and application notes. The PCCproto 200 consists of the PCCproto 150 unit and a plug-in daughter board that contains the PCM16C02 and associated circuitry. The PCCproto 150 is a flexible prototype board designed specifically for 16-bit PC Card designs. Since most PC Card designs are based on low profile, high pin count packages, the PCCproto provides special prototype areas for these devices. These areas accept plug-in “daughter boards” that support a particular package type. The PCCproto 200 includes three of these boards supporting 64, 100, 144 and 176 pin TQFP and 44, 100 and 160 pin PQFP packages. Additional “daughter boards” may be purchased separately. An area reserved for I/O provides connector locations for straight 0.1" headers and surface mount connectors. The PCCproto is constructed using a multi-layer design with clearly marked signal names and pin numbers.

To speed up software development, a sample PC Card client framework is included. The client framework provides the designer with sample source code for a PC Card '95 compliant client driver.

Please note: The PCCproto 200 has been discontinued

pdf icon Download a PCCproto 200 Data Sheet (37K).
pdf icon Download the PCCproto 200 User's Manual (1.22Mb).

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Updated September 11, 1998.

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