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PCCtest 560
CardBus Socket Tester/Debugger
PCCtest CardBus Socket Tester

The PCCtest 560 extends the functionality of the PCCtest 460 by adding a serial debug port. The serial debug port allows the user to monitor the CardBus or 16-bit interface. In CardBus mode, the PCCtest 560 is capable of initiating I/O and memory transactions. It can also monitor the CardBus interface for any type of cycle. The serial interface is useful for debugging a new design or for component level debug. The PCCtest 560 includes an external control unit (PCCtest 551) that provides the features of the PCCtest 455 with the addition of a serial port connector.

NOTE: The PCCtest 560 replaces the PCCtest 550 which is no longer made. The PCCtest 560 is functionally equivalent to the PCCtest 550.

pdf icon Download the PCCtest 560 User's Manual (524K).
pdf icon Download the PCCtest 460/560 Data Sheet (88K).
pdf icon Download the PCCtest Warranty (49K).

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