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PCCtest 460

CardBus Socket Tester

The PCCtest 460 is designed to test the full functionality of the PC Card/CardBus interface. Since the 1995 and subsequent releases of the PC Card Standard, the number of different cards that can be supported in a single machine has drastically increased. It is not uncommon for a PC Card slot to support 32-bit CardBus, 16-bit PC Card, Zoomed Video, 5V and 3.3V cards. Testing this slot involves inserting as many as 3-4 cards to verify full functionality. The PCCtest 460 is the only test card designed to emulate all types of cards in a single unit.

Housed in a type II card, the PCCtest 460 can test the 32-bit CardBus, 16-bit PC Card and the Zoomed Video interfaces. In CardBus mode, the PCCtest 460 is capable of responding to target memory, I/O and configuration cycles. Master mode I/O and memory cycles can be generated under program control. Control, Address and Data signals can be latched to verify correct access. In 16-bit mode, the PCCtest 460 can verify all address, data, control and status signals. 16-bit testing is supported at 3.3V and 5V. From 16-bit mode, the PCCtest can be configured for Zoomed Video(ZV) operation. In ZV mode, the PCCtest will generate a ZV data pattern designed to verify the ZV bus. An audio test pattern is generated simultaneously to verify the ZV audio signals.

Selection of CardBus or 16-bit interface is accomplished through an external configuration header. This header plugs into the PCCtest's 15-pin I/O connector. An optional external configuration unit, the PCCtest 455, provides for program control of 16-bit, Zoomed Video or CardBus interface.

 PCCtest 457 Switchable Configuration Header PCCtest 457 Header

The PCCtest 457 switchable configuration header simplifies switching between 16-bit PC Card mode and CardBus mode. The PCCtest 457 is included wiht the
PCCtest 460-01

PCCtest 460 Optional Accessories

 PCCtest 455 External Control Unit

PCCtest 455 The PCCtest 455 external control unit in conjunction with the PCCtest 460, is designed to automate testing of the PC Card slot. The PCCtest 455 controls the configuration of the PCCtest 460 Card Detects and Voltage Sense pins. Through program control, the PCCtest 455 can configure the PC Card interface for CardBus, 3.3V 16-bit, 5V 16-bit and others. The PCCtest 455 connects between the host PC's parallel port and the PCCtest 460's 15-pin I/O interface. Software support for the PCCtest 455 is included in the PCCtest 460 software.

The PCCtest 460 can be ordered as follows:

Order Number Description
PCCtest 460-01 CardBus socket tester with PCCtest 457 switchable configuration header
PCCtest 455 External Control Unit
PCCtest 457 Switchable configuration header

pdf icon Download the PCCtest 460/560 Data Sheet (88K).
pdf icon Download the PCCtest 450/460 User's Manual (215K). Updated January 2005.
pdf icon Download the PCCtest 450/460 Zoomed Video User's Manual (69K). Updated January 2005.
pdf icon Download the PCCtest 457 Data Sheet (95K).
pdf icon Download the PCCtest Warranty (49K).
PCCtest 450/460 Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions.

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Updated January 24, 2005

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