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PCCtest 170-low cost socket tester for 3.3V and 5.0V systems.

PCCtest 250-
16-bit PC Card socket tester for 5.0 volt systems.

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PCCtest Card
PCCtest 270/273
16-bit PC Card Socket Tester with 3.3V
and DMA Support

The PCCtest 270 and 273 socket testers provides a quick and easy way of verifying the operation of a host socket. Housed in a type II PC Card, the PCCtest includes software to test a wide variety of socket controllers from TI, Cirrus Logic, Vadem, Ricoh, Omega Micro and VLSI Technology. The PCCtest socket tester verifies all signals on the 16-bit PC Card interface including accurate Vcc and Vpp measurements.

Manufacturers, service centers and developers of PC Card products can benefit from the quick verification of their 16-bit PC Card hosts. How many times have you wondered if the problem you were having was hardware, software or both? A 15-second test by the PCCtest can save hours of debug work by validating the hardware portion of the 16-bit PC Card interface. Some of our PCCtest customers were able to find design errors in products they already had in production.

The PCCtest 270/273 supports testing of Direct Memory Access (DMA), 3.3V and Voltage Sense pins (VS1 and VS2) as defined in the PC Card '95 Standard. The PCCtest 270/273 verifies all data, address and strobe signals at 3.3 or 5.0 volts.

The PCCtest 273 is a special version of the PCCtest 270 that internally grounds CD1- and CD2- for socket controllers that require active card detects prior to slot power-up. All CardBus controllers require that card detects be grounded prior to slot power-up.

The PCCtest 270 is best suited for the following 16-bit PC Card controllers:

  • Cirrus Logic CL/PD6722
  • Cirrus Logic CL/PD6729
  • Cirrus Logic CL/PD6730
  • Intel 82365SL-DF
  • Intel 82092AA (PPEC)
  • Omega/Trident 82C722
  • Omega/Trident 82C094
  • Ricoh RL5C266/366
  • Ricoh RL5C296/396
  • VLSI 82C146A

The PCCtest 273 is best suited for the following 16-bit PC Card controllers:

  • Cirrus Logic CL/PD6832 (16-bit only)
  • Vadem VG-469
  • All Texas Instrument 16-bit PC Card Controllers
  • All O2 Micro 16-bit PC Card Controllers
  • All CardBus controllers
  • Any other controllers that require card detects active prior to power-up

pdf icon Download the PCCtest 270/370 Data Sheet (34K).
pdf icon Download the PCCtest 273/373 Data Sheet (34K).
pdf icon Download the PCCtest 250/270/273/350/370/373 User's Manual (275K). Updated December 2002.
pdf icon Download the PCCtest 2xx/3xx Technical Reference Manual (127K).
pdf icon Download the PCCtest Warranty (49K).
PCCtest 2xx Socket Testers Technical  Frequently Asked Questions.

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Updated December 18, 2002

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