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PCIextend 176/177

The PCIextend 176 and 177 extender cards are debug tool for 64-bit PCI designs. Designed as both an extender and debug tool, the PCIextend 176 and 177 supports both manufacturing and engineering needs. As an extender card the PCIextend extends a PCI card 2.5" above the host computer. Jumper blocks on all power supplies allow for current consumption or voltage margin testing. Multiple power status LEDs indicate 3.3V, 5V, +12V, -12V, VIO and VAUX.

All PCI signal and power pins are accessible via standard 0.1" test posts. Multi-layer design with separate ground and power planes assure trouble free operation. All signal pins are clearly marked for quick and easy logic analyzer or scope hookup. SMT pads on each signal allow the user to isolate any signal for testing or debug.

Both the PCIextend 176 and 177 are keyed to be inserted in both 3.3V and 5V slots. The PCIextend 176 accepts 5V 64-bit PCI cards and the PCIextend 177 accepts 3.3V 64-bit PCI cards. All of our PCIextend products are constructed of high quality components for long service life.

The PCIextend 176/177 can be ordered as follows:

Order Number Description
PCIextend 176 32/5.0V 64-bit PCI Extender Cards
PCIextend 177 32/3.3V 64-bit PCI Extender Card

pdf icon Download a PCIextend 176/177 Data Sheet (153K).
pdf icon PCIextend 176/177 User's Manual. (212K). Updated March 2003.

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Updated March 4, 2003

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