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Welcome to our PC Card links page. As a courtesy, to better assist you with you PC Card needs, we have compiled the following links to various PC Card manufacturers and organizations. We realize that in this quickly changing online world that many of these URLs have changed or have disappeared but we will do our best to keep this page current. If you would like to add a link or find link that is incorrect, please email us at:
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Links to Industry Organizations  Links to industry organizations that standardize PC Card, CompactFlash™, Miniature Card, SmartMedia and other standards.

Links for PC Card Developers  Links to vendors of PCMCIA related chips, connectors, cases, labels, printed circuit board,test and programming equipment.

Data Encryption Cards  - Links to vendors of DES Encryption cards, and security cards.

External Drives and Adapters  - Links to vendors of external hard drives, hard drive adapters, zip drives and CD-ROM drives.

PC Card Host Interfaces  - Links to vendors of PC Card host adapters for ISA, PCI, SCSI, parallel port, etc.

ISDN PC Cards  - Links to vendors of ISDN cards.

Wireless PC Cards  - Links to vendors of wireless PC Cards.

Memory Cards  - Links to vendors of ATA and linear memory cards.

Data Acquisition and DSP Cards  - Links to vendors Data Acquisition, Analog and DSP Cards.

Serial, Parallel, and SCSI Cards  - Links to vendors of Serial, Parallel, SCSI and general purpose I/O cards.

Modem Cards  - Links to vendors of modem cards.

Network Cards  - Links to vendors of Ethernet, Token Ring and other network cards.

Zoomed Video and Multimedia Cards - Links to vendors of Multimedia video, audio, MPEG, video capture and Zoomed Video cards.

Full Line Vendors of PC Cards - Vendors that have a full line of PC Card products.

Specialized Cards - Specialized cards.

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Updated July 16, 2004

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