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Network Cards

3Com Megahertz PC Cards - PC Card ethernet and modem cards
Accton - PC Card ethernet cards
Action Tec - PC Card modem, ethernet, memory, and PC Card reader cards
AmbiCom, Inc. - PC Card modems and ethernet cards
Archtek - PC Card modem and network cards
Argosy - PC Card CD-ROM, ethernet, modem, serial, and mulitmedia cards
Billionton Corporation - PC Card ethernet cards
Carry Computer Eng. Co., Ltd. - PC Card modem, ethernet, video, multimedia, and adapter cards
Centennial Technologies, Inc. - PC Card memory storage, and LAN cards
Compex, Inc. - PC Card modem and LAN cards
D-Link Systems, Inc. - PC Card ethernet cards
EXP Computer, Inc. - PC Card multimedia, modems, and ethernet cards
Farallon Communications, Inc. - PC Card ethernet and ISDN cards
JUMBO Computer International - PC Card LAN, modem, and combination cards
Kingmax Technology Inc.- PC Card modem, ethernet, data storage, and multimedia cards
Madge Networks - PC Card Token ring adapter cards
MagicRAM Inc. - PC Card modem, ethernet, memory, and reader cards
MaxTech Corporation - PC Card modem, combination, and ethernet cards
Memory Card Technology
- PC Card memory and ethernet cards
Ositech Communications Inc. - PC Card modem, combination, and ethernet cards
PC Card International - PC Card ISDN, combination, network, and ethernet cards
Pretec - PC Card modem, ethernet, adapter, memory, video, serial, and extender cards
Psion Connect - PC Card modem, ethernet, ISDN, and combination cards
RATOC Systems, Inc. - PC Card ethernet, ISDN, network, and video cards
Silicom Ltd. - PC Card ethernet, modem, and combination cards
Simple Technology, Inc. - PC Card modem, ethernet, flash, and hard drive cards
SMC Networks Inc. - PC Card network cards
Socket Communications - PC Card ethernet, Input/Output cards
Synchrotech - PC Card modem, ethernet, sound, and multimedia cards
TDK Grey Cell Ltd. - PC Card ethernet and modem cards
TRENDware Inc. - PC Card LAN card
Xircom, Inc. - PC Card LAN, combination, and integrated PC Cards
Zoom Telephonics Inc. - PC Card modem and LAN cards


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