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Zoomed Video Cards

Carry Computer Eng. Co., Ltd. - Zoomed video capture card
MARGI Systems, Inc.
- PCMCIA zoomed video card
Kingmax Technology Inc.
- PCMCIA zoomed video DVD card

Multimedia/Video/Audio Cards

Action Tec - PCMCIA CameraCard
Argosy - PC Card color scanner interface, sound, MPEG-2, and video capture cards
Billionton Corporation - PC Card video conferencing, and MPEG-1 playback cards
Carry Computer Eng. Co., Ltd. - PCMCIA TV converter card
Colorgraphic Communications Corporation- PC Card VGA card
Digigram - PC Card sound card
EXP Computer, Inc. - PC Card multimedia, sound, accessory, and input devices cards
Kingmax Technology Inc. - PCMCIA DVD and video conference cards
MARGI Systems, Inc.
- PC Card DVD, MPEG, and zoomed video cards
PC Card International - PC Card I/O, Notebook TV PCMCIA, RDS-Radio-Card, multimedia, video, and PCMCIA adapter cards
Pretec - Scan Converter, video, and MPEG cards
RATOC Systems, Inc. - PC Card sound and video cards
Synchrotech - PC Card sound, global positioning, PCMCIA pager, I/O, and video capture cards

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