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PC Card Host Adapters

Adtron Corporation - PC Card reader ports
Altec ComputerSysteme GmbH - PCMCIA card drive
Antec Inc. - PCMCIA card drives
Argosy - PCMCIA card reader
Ballard Technology, Inc.
- PC Card interface cards
Basis Communications Corp. - PCMCIA card controller
Card Professionals Limited - PCMCIA card reader/writers
Carry Computer Eng. Co., Ltd. - PC Card modem, ethernet, video, multimedia, and adapter cards
Centennial Technologies, Inc. - PCMCIA card drives
Chase Advanced Technologies - PCMCIA readers for desktop PCs
Communication Automation Corporation - PCMCIA card drive
Curtis, Inc.
- PCMCIA card readers
Elan Digital Systems, Ltd. - PC Card interface and r/w peripheral cards
Greystone Peripherals, Inc.
- PC Card reader/writer adapters
JUMBO Computer International
- PC Card ISA card reader/writers
MagicRAM Inc.
- PC Card modem, ethernet, memory, and reader cards
MaxTech Corporation
- PCMCIA card drives
Memory Card Technology
- PCMCIA card drive
Microtech International, Inc.
- PC Card, CompactFlash and smart reader adapters, and reader/writer drives
MPL AG - PC Card readers
PC Card International
- PC Card adapters
- PC Card modem, ethernet, SSFDC adapter, memory, video, and extender cards
Quatech Inc.
- PCMCIA card drive
SanDisk Corporation
- PC Card compact flash adapter cards
SCM Microsystems, Inc.
- PC Card readers
Sicon International
- PC Card ATA card reader
- PC Card reader


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