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External Drives

Accurite Technologies Inc. - PC Card multimedia drive, extender, and test cards
Addonics Technologies Corp. - PC Card CD-ROM, DVD, Zip and CD-RW external drives
ADPI - PC Card 120 meg portable floppy drive
Argosy - PC Card CD-ROM, ethernet, modem, and multimedia cards
Card Professionals Limited - PC Card hard disk cards
Carry Computer Eng. Co., Ltd. - PC Card multimedia and adapter cards. PCMCIA controller sockets
Centennial Technologies, Inc. - PC Card memory storage, LAN, and PCMCIA hard drive cards
CMS Peripherals - PC Card hard drive cards
CNF, Inc. - PC Card DVD and universal port replicator cards
CSM - PC Card hard disk card
EXP Computer, Inc. - PC Card multimedia, modems, accessory and input devices cards
Interactive Media Corporation - PC Card external drives
Memory Card Technology - PC Card memory, ethernet, hard drive, CD-ROM drive cards
Microtech International, Inc. - PC Card zip drive, CD, portable dock, and hard drive cards
PC Card International - PC Card ISDN, combination, serial I/O, multimedia, and PCMCIA adapter cards
Sicon International - PC Card ATA flash, Slimline SuperDisk Drive, and SuperDisk Drive cards
SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. - PC Card DVD Drive
Synchrotech - PC Card modem, ethernet, sound, memory, multimedia, and storage cards

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