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Links for PC Card Developers

PC Card Connectors and Enclosures

COMOSS Electronics CO., Ltd- PC Card connectors
Duel Systems, Inc. - PC Card enclosure cases
Framatome Connectors International (FCI)- Interconnect products and systems
Hirose Electric USA, Inc.
- PC Card connectors
Honda Connectors - PC Card connectors
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. - PC Card connectors
JAE Electronics, Inc. - PC Card connectors
Leoco Corporation - PC Card connectors
Molex Incorporated - PC Card connectors, switches, cables and more
Robinson Nugent, Inc. - PC Card connectors
TaiSol Electronics - PC Card, CompactFlash™,and Multimedia connectors
Teka Interconnection Systems - PC Card interconnect products
Tyco Products - Connectors and cards
Yamaichi Electronics USA, Inc. - PC Card pin connectors

Cables for PC Cards

Communication Automation Corporation - PC Card dongles and cables
Huge Network Connection - PC Card interconnect products
Yes Way Enterprise Corporation - PC Card extension cable adapters.


Bay Area Labels - PC Card labels
Cellotape - PC Card labels

Printed Circuit Boards

Circuit Link, Inc. - PCMCIA printed circuit board manufacturer

Host Socket Controller Chips

O2 Micro - PC Card CardBus controller
Texas Instruments - Full line of PCI based CardBus and 16-bit PC Card host controllers
Amphus - 16-bit PC Card host controller

Card Side Silicon

Xilinx - Programmable Logic
Zilog - PCMCIA adapter chips

Software Products

American Megatrends
Award Software International
Moore Computer Consultants, Inc.
Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
SystemSoft Corporation

Development, Test and Programming Tools

Accurite Technologies Inc. - PC Card diagnostic card, and PC Card extender card
Data Transit - PCMCIA and CompactFlash analyzer
Greystone Peripherals, Inc. - PC Card reader/writer adapters
Jungo Ltd. - makes USB, PCI and ISA driver development tools, including WinDriver and KernelDriver that automate and simplify the development of device drivers for the Windows, Linux, Solaris, and VxWorks operating systems.
Kaitek Engineering - PC Card extender cards
Sycard Technology - Full line of development and test tools for PC Card manufacturers
Synchrotech - PCMCIA emulation cards
Testmetrix, Inc. - tester and programmer for pc cards
Verisys, Inc. - PCMCIA based ultra SCSI analyzer, and PCMCIA to ISA bus adapter products
International Microsystems, Inc. - PC Card duplication systems.

PC Card Market Research

AP Research & Consulting - PC Card market research and competitive analysis

Distributors of PC Cards and CompactFlash

AnMax Technology - PC Card internet reseller (Full line of PC Card products)
Envoy Data Corporation - PC Card memory and modem cards, and PCMCIA card drives
PDA Direct - PC Cards, CompactFlash and other accessories for mobile computers

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