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PCCextend 140
CardBus Extender Card

The PCCextend 140 was designed from the ground up to support the higher data rates and controlled impedance requirements of the CardBus interface. Fabricated on a six-layer board, the PCCextend 140 is designed to minimize signal degradation in the 33MHz CardBus environment. The PCCextend 140 is compatible with all release 2.1 and both 16-bit PC Card and CardBus-capable PC Card 95 sockets. The host side connector is keyed to be compatible with all PC Card slots that support 3.3V. On the card side, the CardBus compliant connector supports both 3.3V and 5V keyed cards.

PCCextend 145 - HP Logic Analyzer Adapter for the PCCextend 140

For users of Hewlett Packard Logic Analyzers, Sycard provides an adapter designed to provide quick hookup to the PCCextend 140 CardBus extender. The PCCextend 145 is designed to interface to HP's Termination adapters (HP P/N 01650-63203). CardBus signals are routed to the appropriate logic analyzer channels for state or timing analysis. Simple plug-in design allows for easy attachment and removal.

PCCextender card Frequently Asked Questions.
pdf icon Download a detailed PCCextend 140 mechanical drawing (47K).
pdf icon Download the PCCextend 140 Data Sheet (134K).
pdf icon Download the PCCextend 140 User's Manual (157K).
pdf icon Download the PCCextend 145 User's Manual (344K).
pdf icon Download the PCCextend Warranty (32K).

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Updated November 16, 2005

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