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PCCextend 135 PCCextend 135
Externally Powered CardBus Extender Card

The PCCextend 135 allows a CardBus card under test to be powered from an external power supply. MOSFET switches automatically switch the external power to the CardBus card under test when the socket power is applied. The PCCextend 135 provides separate switches for VCC, VPP1 and VPP2. Fabricated on a six-layer board, the PCCextend 135 is designed to minimize signal degradation in the 33MHz CardBus environment. Dual LEDs indicate if the socket is running at 3.3V or 5V. The PCCextend 135 extender card is a solid unit designed for years of reliable service.

pdf icon Download a detailed PCCextend 135 mechanical drawing (40K).
pdf icon Download the PCCextend 135 Data Sheet (120K).
pdf icon Download the PCCextend 135 User's Manual (262K).
pdf icon Download the PCCextend Warranty (32K).

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Updated February 25, 2003

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