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PCCextend 120
PCCextend 120
16-bit PC Card Flexible Extender Card

The PCCextend 120 is a flexible extender card designed to provide easy access to a 16-bit PC Card for debug or test. Designed with the same low noise characteristics of our PCCextend 100, the PCCextend 120 takes this design a step further by connecting the host and card via ribbon cables. The flexible extender consists of two PC boards, the host interface board, and the card interface board. The host interface board is inserted into the host's 16-bit PC Card slot. Four 34-pin ribbon cables connect the host interface board to the card interface board. The PC Card to be tested is inserted into the card interface board's 68-pin connector.

The PCCextend 120 was designed with the engineer and technician in mind. Thoughtfully placed grounding posts provided a convenient place to ground a scope probe or analyzer. Vcc test points are available for easy voltage measurements. Dual LEDs indicate if the Vcc is at 3.3V or 5V. A resettable current protection device protects the host from Vcc to ground shorts. Jumpers can isolate Vcc and Vpp supplies for easy current measurements.

All too often extender cards are the source of many signal integrity problems. The PCCextend 120 is designed to minimize the signal degradation by using proven design techniques. Separate Vcc and Ground planes provide a low inductance path to the host socket. High frequency X7R and bulk tantalum capacitors keep supply rails clean. The PCCextend 120 uses four 34-pin ribbon cables to connect the host and card interface boards. This insures that each signal has a ground return.

The PCCextend 120 comes standard with a 5" extension cable. Although distances greater than a few inches may effect the signal integrity, we have used longer cable lengths successfully in several applications.

Sycard Technology offers the PCCextend 120 in several configurations. For those that need a ready made solution, the PCCextend 120 comes with both the host-side and card-side boards along with a 5" extension cable. For those customers that wish to make their own cables, the host and card interface boards can be ordered without cables. The host and card interface boards can also be used individually for special test and development needs.

The PCCextend 120 can be ordered as follows:
Order Number Description
PCCextend 120 16-bit PC Card flexible extender card with 5"cable extension (includes one host interface board (120HIB) and one card interface board (120CIB))
120HIB PCCextend 120 host interface board
120CIB PCCextend 120 card interface board
12XCBL-5 PCCextend 120 5" cable set

PCCextender card Frequently Asked Questions.
pdf icon Download a PCCextend 120 Data Sheet (108K).
pdf icon Download the PCCextend 120 User's Manual (417K).
pdf icon PCCextend 120/125 Mechanical Drawing (39K).
pdf icon PCCextend 120/125 Card Interface Board (CIB) Mechanical Drawing (121K).
pdf icon PCCextend 120/125 Host Interface Board (HIB) Mechanical Drawing (97K).
pdf icon Download the PCCextend Warranty (32K).

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Updated November 26, 2002

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