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PCCextend 100
PCCextend 100
16-bit PC Card Extender Card

The PCCextend 100 is the ultimate in extender cards. It provides developers of 16-bit PC Card hosts and cards a convenient way of accessing signals on the 16-bit PC Card interface. All 68-pins are accessible via standard 0.1" test posts. Multi-layer design with separate ground and power planes assure trouble free operation. All signal pins are clearly marked with both I/O and memory mode designations. Jumper blocks on Vcc and programming power pins allow for easy current measurements. A current protection device protects the host socket. The PCCextend 100 is compatible with all 16-bit PC Card sockets including type I, II III and larger. Dual LEDs indicate if the socket is running at 3.3V or 5V.

The PCCextend 100 extender card is a solid unit designed for years of reliable service. The PCCextend 100 is the only extender to offer the PCCswap switch. A quick push on this switch simulates a card removal/insertion cycle saving wear and tear on the 16-bit PC Card socket (and your fingers).

The PCCextend 100 is no longer available. We recommend the PCCextend 140 as a replacement.

PCCextender card Frequently Asked Questions.
pdf icon Click here to download a PCCextend 100 Data Sheet (198K).
pdf icon Click here to download a detailed PCCextend 100 drawing (79K).
pdf icon Download the PCCextend 100 User's Manual (420K).
Updated April 3, 1995.
pdf icon Download the PCCextend Warranty (32K).

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