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PCCextend 50
PCCextend 50
16-bit PC Card Socket Saver & Extender

In a high volume production environment a PCCtest socket tester may see several thousand insertion/removal cycles a month. To prevent wear and tear on the PCCtest's 68-pin connector, Sycard supplies a low cost “socket saver”, the PCCextend 50. The PCCextend 50 is inserted between the 16-bit PC Card socket and the PCCtest unit.

The PCCextend 50 can also be used as a "Type extender" which allows the user to insert a type III PC card (10.5mm thick) into a type I (3.3mm) or type II (5.0mm)slot. By using the PCCextend 50, type III peripherals, such as hard disk drives or RF/radio devices, can be inserted into computers that only support type I or type II cards. Before attempting to use the PCCextend 50 in such an application, the user should verify if the power consumption of the type III PC Card is compatible with the host system.

The PCCextend 50 is no longer available. We recommend the PCCextend 70 as a replacement

pdf icon Download the PCCextend 50 Data Sheet (44K).
pdf icon Download the PCCextend 50 mechanical drawing (17K). Updated March 17, 2003.
  PCCextender card Frequently Asked Questions.

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