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CF test 220
CompactFlash™ Socket Tester
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The CF test 220 socket tester provides a quick and easy way of verifying the operation of a CompactFlash™ host socket. Housed in a standard 3.3mm CompactFlash™ card, the CF test is fully self-contained. The CF test socket tester verifies all signals on the CompactFlash™ interface including accurate Vcc measurements.

Manufacturers, service centers and developers of CF products can benefit from the quick verification of their CF hosts. How many times have you wondered if the problem you were having was hardware, software or both? A short test by the CF test 220 can save hours of debug work by validating the hardware portion of the CompactFlash™ interface.

The CFtest 220 includes a technical reference manual which will assist the user in writing test code. Sycard supplies software support for MSDOS and WinCE platforms.

CF test 220 Frequently Asked Technical Questions.
pdf icon Download a CF test 220 Data Sheet (49K).
pdf icon Download the CF test 220 Technical Reference Manual (520K).
January 2002.
pdf icon Download the CompactFlash Tester Warranty (39K).

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Updated November 27, 2002

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