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CF extend 166
CompactFlash™ -to-PC Card Flexible Adapter/Extender Cards

The CFextend 166

CompactFlash™-to-PC Card adapter is designed to allow a 68-pin PC Card to be plugged into a CompactFlash™ socket. The card is constructed with a flexible circuit to allow a the PC Card to be mounted in a number of orientations. The CFextend 166 can be used for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Wireless cards
  • ATA Flash PC Cards
  • Data acquision cards
  • Communications Cards

The CFextend 166 is for 3.3V supports both 5V and 3.3V PC Cards. The CF extend is a strictly a passive interface from the PC Card to the CompactFlash™ host. No voltage conversion/regulation or signal level convertion is provided. Before purchasing the CFextend 166

, the user should verify that the PC Card is compatible with the intended CompactFlash™ host. There are several issues that will determine if the 16-bit PC Card can work with the CFextend 166:

  • Power Consumption - Most CompactFlash™ hosts can only supply 100mA of current. Some PC Cards may draw as much as 700-1000mA.
  • Operating Voltage - CompactFlash™ hosts can provide 3.3V, 5V or both. The user should confirm if the PC Card operating voltage is compatible with the CompactFlash™ host.
  • Driver support - Most CompactFlash™ sockets are controlled by Microsoft's WinCE operating system. The user must verify if this driver support is provided by the PC Card vendor.
  • Address lines - The CompactFlash™ interfaces supplies 11 address lines while the PC Card interface supplies 26. In many cases the PC Card's upper order address lines are not used. The user must verify that a PC Card does not require more than the 11 address lines supplied on the CompactFlash interface.

In order to determine if a particular card/host combination will work, Sycard offers a more flexible development card, the CFextend 165. The CFextend 165 provides probe points and current measurement test points to allow for detailed compatability analysis.

The CF extend 166 is constructed of high quality materials for long service life. Connectors are rated for 10,000 insertion/removal cylces and the Kapton circuit board allows for maximum flexbility and wear resistance.

Note: The CFextend 166 & 167 has been discontinued. If you require a similar product, please see the CFextend 165

Frequently Asked Questions about the CF extend 166/167.


pdf icon Download a CF extend 166/167 Data Sheet (88K).
pdf icon CF extend 166/167 Mechanical Drawing (24K).
pdf icon CF extend 166/167 User's Manual (63K).

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Updated Feb 20, 2012

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