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CF extend 165
CompactFlash™ -to-PC Card Adapter/Extender Card

The CF extend 165 is a unique development tool for CompactFlash™ designs. It allows a standard 68-pin PC Card to be inserted into a 50-pin CompactFlash™ socket. Developers of CompactFlash™ products can now use a standard PC Card form factor as a starting point for new designs. While the 50-pin CompactFlash™ interfaces eliminates address lines A11-A25 and the Vpp programming pins, many current PC Cards may work under those conditions.

The CF extend 165 contains all the standard features of our CFextend 160 CompactFlash™ extender. All 50-pins are accessible via standard 0.1" test posts. Multi-layer design with separate ground and power planes assure trouble free operation. All signal pins are clearly marked with both I/O and memory mode designations. A jumper blocks on Vcc allow for easy current measurements. Dual LEDs indicate if the socket is running at 3.3V or 5V. The CF Extend 165 also includes momentary switches to interrupt the Card Detect signals for fast removal/insertion testing.

In addition, the CF extend 165 includes a current limiting device that will help protect the host from supplying excessive current. CF extend 165 is a solid unit designed for years of reliable service.

CF extend 165 Frequently Asked Questions.
pdf icon Download a CF extend 165 Data Sheet (87K).
pdf icon Download the CF extend 165 User's Manual (120K).
Updated July 31, 1998.
pdf icon Download the CompactFlash Extender Warranty (32K).

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