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CF extend 180HIB
CompactFlash™ Host Interface Board

For those applications that require access to the CompactFlash™ interface that can't use a standard extender card, Sycard provides the CF extend 180 HIB (Host Interface Board). The CF extend 180HIB allows full access to all 50-signal and power pins on the CompactFlash™ host. Standard 0.1" headers allow the user to connect standard 26-pin ribbon cables to test or prototype hardware. The CF extend 180HIB is ideal for interfacing a prototype CompactFlash™ card design to the CF host socket. The CF extend 180HIB is designed to provide a low noise interface to prototype or test hardware and is a 4-layer PC board with ground and power planes. Four 26-pin headers with alternating grounds insure signal integrity. The CFextend 180HIB is available as a standalone product or packaged as a flexible extender with the CF extend 180CIB.

The CF extend 180 can be ordered as follows:
Order Number Description
Cf extend 180 CompactFlash™ flexible extender card with 5"cable extension (includes on host interface board (180HIB) and one card interface board (180CIB))
180HIB CF extend 180 host interface board
180CIB CF extend 180 card interface board
18XCBL-5 CF extend 180 5" cable set

pdf icon Download the 180HIB Mechanical Drawing (47K).
pdf icon Download a CF extend 180 Data Sheet (126K).
pdf icon Download the CF extend 180 User's Manual (207K).

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Updated June 1, 2001

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